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Laboratory- R&D

Our Company with its expert staff has been producing its own rubber mixtures within the range from 20 shore A to 90 Shore A of hardness since the early 1960s, according to the customers wishes.

Aware of the fact that creating its own recipes according to customers needs in the most cost efficienty way increases its competitive power within the rubber production industry ,our company has been carrying on its activities with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction and the belief in the power of continuous improvement  by keeping the product standarts at the highest lever.

Within our laboratory we can test the rheometric and mechanical properties of the mixtures we create.In order to be able to maintain a standard lever of mixture-quality,we conduct periodic tests according to the customer speciflications. 

Our company possesses a "ISO 16949" quality certificate since 2007.We are able to carry out all kinds of physical and final product tests regarding rubber mixtures in our continuously developing laboratory, which are also approved by international authorities.

the recipes of the mixtures for GRP-Pipesaling Gaskets are approved vy NSF and produced in accordance with drinking water regulations.In addition to this, we have a "TS EN 6811-1" certificate for our product groups with 50/60/70 Shore A harndess, which concerns the elastomeric gaskets and drainage applications.

Furthermore we have the following certificates regarding the fire safety regulations;

-DIN 5510-2,UL 94,EN 45545-2 for the railway industry,

-ECE R 118.02,FMVSS302 , CMVSS302 for the automotive industry.

The tests we can conduct in our laboratory are;

  • Rheometer Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Moisture/Humidity Test
  • Density Test
  • Tensile / Elongation Resistance Test
  • Tear Resistance Test
  • Abrasion & Wear Resistance Test
  • High-Temperature Deformation Test
  • Low-Temperature Deformation Test
  • Weather-Aging Test
  • Liquid -Aging Test
  • Gaskets Vulkanization Withstand/Resistance Test
  • Tesnsion Test
  • Conductivity Test
  • Chemical Resistance Test
  • Vertical Flammability Test